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Shop Tested TrackSaws

We put 16 tracksaws through their paces to see which contenders lead the field to deliver straight, smooth cuts. Read More

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Comfort and Convenience Shop

Don’t let looks deceive you. There's more to this cozy shop than meets the eye. Read More Woodworking How-To

Woodworking How-To

See All Woodworking How-To Built-ins That Blend In

Built-ins That Blend In

We shadowed two experienced makers and installers of custom cabinetry to bring you simple tips and tricks that will keep your built-in projects (and your sanity) “on the bubble.” Shop Tips Layout, Measuring, and Marking Wood Preparation Joinery Doors and Drawers Veneer and Inlay Project Assembly Finishes and Finishing Woodturning, Scrolling, and Carving Cabinetry and Trimwork Project Plans

Project Plans

See All Project Plans Free Plan: Ready-to-serve Wine Cabinet

Free Plan: Ready-to-serve Wine Cabinet

Keep your favorite wines, stemware, and serving accessories handy in this stylish unit. FREE Woodworking Plans Furniture Plans Gift and Decoration Plans Holiday Plans Outdoor Plans Toys and Kids Furniture Plans Turning Project Plans Workshop and Jig Plans Tool How-To

Tool How-To

See All Tool How-To Which hand planes should a power-tool woodworker buy first?

Which hand planes should a power-tool woodworker buy first?

If you had to recommend three, which hand planes should I start with? Air Tools Bandsaws Biscuit Joiners Circular Saws Clamps and Clamping Drills and Drivers Chisels CNC Machines Dust Collection Hammers and Mallets Hand Planes Hand Saws Jigsaws Jointers and Planers Lathes Layout, Measuring, and Marking Tools Mitersaws Routers Safety Sanders Scrollsaws Tablesaws Tools and Reviews

Tools and Reviews

See All Tools and Reviews Hand Planes Layout, Measuring, and Marking Tools Clamps and Clamping Drills and Drivers Dust Collection Lathes Sanders Air Tools CNC Machines Chisels Scrollsaws Mitersaws Wood and Supplies

Wood and Supplies

See All Wood and Supplies Installing Quadrant Hinges

Installing Quadrant Hinges

Rout the recesses right to hold a lid upright. Here’s how. Fasteners and Hardware Finishes and Finishing Glues and Adhesives Lumber and Sheet Goods Sanding and Abrasives Veneer and Inlay Wood Figure Wood Species Guide Your Workshop

Your Workshop

See All Your Workshop Unfinished garage becomes a woodworking haven

Unfinished garage becomes a woodworking haven

Blessed with an eye for potential, David Willett looked at his dark, unfinished 11⁄2-car garage built in 1956 and saw the bones of a workshop. Idea Shop 6 Inspiring Shops Outfit and Organize Dust Collection Lighting and Wiring Shop Maintenance Shop Layout Workbenches Jigs Tool Bases and Storage Shop Cabinets, Storage, and Organizers Magazine


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Woodworking How-To

Find the tips, tricks, and techniques for your woodworking shop from wood preparation to finished cabinetry with doors and drawers. You'll also learn about joinery, measuring, and wood finishes. Cabinetry and Trimwork Design, Drawing, and Furniture Styles Doors and Drawers Finishes and Finishing Joinery Layout, Measuring, and Marking Project Assembly Safety Shop Tips Veneer and Inlay Wood Preparation Woodturning, Scrolling, and Carving Woodworking Videos

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Wooden top that clips onto base. Extended service with clip-on auxiliary worksurface I use a mobile cart with adjustable-height rollers as outfeed support for my tablesaw. Read More Boxes with matching striped wood grain. Creating a four-corner grain match I’ve seen mitered boxes where the grain figure wraps around all four corners of the box, but I’ve never understood how this is done. Read More Turning a screw into wood. Dealing with Wood Movement Help your projects avoid the snap, crackle, or pop caused by wood expanding and shrinking. Read More handheld router template Custom Handheld Router Template I’ve never been happy with the traditional method of cutting handholds by drilling out the two ends and using a jigsaw to finish the cut. I get much better results using a custom template for my handheld router. Read More pipe with a pair of zip ties Stabilize Hacksaw Cuts When cutting steel tubing or pipe with a hacksaw, my blade wants to wander at the start of the cut. Read More Simple Bandsaw Sled Simple Bandsaw Sled for Small Slices This simple bandsaw sled provides safe, repeatable results when cutting small parts to length. I use it to cut dowels and loose tenons. Read More Advertisement

More Woodworking How-To

DIY Foam Storage Trays DIY Foam Storage Trays Commercial router bit trays feature 1/4" and 1/2" holes in dense foam. With all the packages I receive, I have a ready supply of foam to make my own storage trays. turning tool rack Totally Tubular Turning Tool Rack This mobile rack provides an easy way to transport and quickly identify my turning tools. For convenient storage, it hangs on the wall behind my lathe. scrapwood glue well Scrap Wood Glue Wells Sander Sled Sander Sled Simplicity sanding sleeves in freezer Sanding Sleeve Freeze Treatment drawer bottom showing laminate Laminate Drawer Bottoms collapsible mobile stand Stand for the Finish

This collapsible, mobile stand makes an ideal worksurface when applying a finish to small projects.

Label sheets next to bits Legible Labels pocket­-hole jig with ear plug marker Do-Not-Drill Marker random-orbit sander with adapter to reach small areas Mini Sander Conversion Mirror reflecting hand plane project Mirror, Mirror on the…Bench? Cutting board showing how to add o-ring feet Add Non-Slip Feet to Small Projects

All Woodworking How-To

illustration of the router jig Router Jig for Side Rail Hinges Spray Gun Straight-Shooting Advice on Spray-Gun Tips faceplate with wood Easy Centering Trick for Perfect Bowl Turning handscrews stabilizing the drilling angle Handscrews Stabilize Drilling Angle dowels on a sander Dowels Aid in Sanding Pad Alignment task lights mounted on plumbing pipes Plumbing Pipe Task Lighting dowel discs as reinforcements on picture frames Dowel Disk Reinforcement Rolling Clamp Stand Rolling Clamp Rack Dril press set up Drilling into a Pressing Issue Drill with depth guide Consistent Countersink Calibration Vacuum box Flippin' Vacuum Box craft tools Crafty Tools back of picture with drill and sawtooth hangers Saw-Tooth Hanger Hangups Glue Pad A Great Start to Finish homemade plywood Petite Plywood Parts Jig for Keyhole slots The Key to Keyhole Slots blads Toothsome tips for bandsaw blades Hand pulling drawer out of cabinet Piston-fit Drawers circular saw cutting with edge guide Consistently Clean Cuts Woodworker using a smoother plane to shape pens No Lathe? Plane it! Custom benchtop over a tablesaw Bonus Benchtop Roller stand with latch for support Rock-Solid Roller Stand Miter Bar Inexpensive Snug Miter Bar whisk inserted into the end of the vacuum hose near an air filter Whisk Away The Dust Turning Tool Rack Lathe Tool Rack: Keep Track of Turning Tools Load More Woodworking How-To Advertisement Close this dialog window

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